West Glacier, Montana
Accommodations & Lodging

West Glacier, Montana has all kinds of different lodging options, from traditional motels to tent or RV camping. Many people have cabins, cottages or houses here and rent them out to travelers for their vacations. Other folks run bed and breakfast style lodging in their charming homes. There are even a few full blown resorts to vacation at in West Glacier, MT.

It is always best to ask which amenities any type of lodging has, before renting it. Almost all lodging today has Internet access available, even places where you are just paying for space to pitch your tent or park your RV. Most lodging also has telephone service -- either by land line or mobile phone reception.

In the US, hotels and motels are commercial establishments where travelers rent rooms that have their own toilet, sink and shower or bathtub. Typically, motel and hotel rooms also have television with cable, ice machines down the hall, microwaves either in the room or in the lobby, laundry facilities down the hall, and vending machines for snacks and soft drinks. Many motels also have swimming pools. Hotels typically are nicer and more expensive than motels, but not always.

Cabins, cottages and houses are more private places to stay. Many have substantial grounds, yards and gardens around them. Some are on lakes, rivers or streams. Most are equipped with a full kitchen and at least one full bathroom. Many also have laundry facilities and some have swimming pools, hot tubs or Jacuzzi baths.

Lodges and bed and breakfast places are similar to motels and hotels, except rooms sometimes are shared with other travelers, and many of these rooms do not have their own toilet, sink or shower. Rather, bathrooms in lodges and bed and breakfast places are usually down the hall and shared with other guests.

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