North Vancouver, BC

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Suite 658, 409 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6K 3V9. Phone: 604-685-1299; Fax: 604-687-0466. E-mail

Art and Art Galleries

Bel Art Gallery. 2171 Deep Cove Road, North Vancouver, BC V7G 1S8. Phone: 604-551-3624 or 604-551-4805; Fax: 604-924-3719. E-mail

Graffiti Company Art Studio/Gallery. 171 E.1st Street, North Vancouver, BC. Phone: 604-980-1699. E-mail

Khot-la-cha Art Gallery & Gift Shop. 270 Whonoak Street, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1P4. Phone: 604-987-3339; Toll-free: 1-866-987-3339; Fax: 604-988-1930. E-mail

North Vancouver Community Arts Council. 335 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2G3. Phone: 604-988-6844. E-mail

Osterson's Framing & Art. 1301 Saint Georges Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7L 3J2. Phone: 604-988-8102; Fax: 604-988-8102. E-mail

Presentation House Gallery. 333 Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G9. Phone: 604-986-1351; Fax: 604-986-5380. E-mail

Seymour Art Gallery. 4360 Gallant Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7G 1L2. Phone: 604-924-1378; Fax: 604-924-3786. E-mail

Ecology Centre

Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre. 3663 Park Road, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3G3. Phone: 604-981-3103. E-mail


Maplewood Farm. 405 Seymour River Place, North Vancouver, BC V7H 1S6. Phone: 604-929-5610; Fax: 604-929-9341.

Farmers Market

Lonesday Quay Farmers Market. 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver, BC.

Gardens and Parks

Park and Tilford Gardens. 440-333 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3S8. Phone: 604-984-8200.

Museums and Exhibits

North Vancouver Museum and Archives. 209 W. 4th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1H8. Phone: 604-987-5612.


Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park. Phone: 604-985-7474; Fax: 604-985-7479.

Cypress Provincial Park. Phone: 604-926-5612. E-mail

Indian Arm Provincial Park.

Lynn Canyon Park. East side of Lynn Creek, North Vancouver, BC.

Mount Seymour Provincial Park. Located on Mount Seymour Road. Phone: 604-986-9371. E-mail

Performing Arts

Capilano College Performing Arts Theatre. 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3H5. Phone: 604-990-7810; Fax: 604-990-7812. E-mail

Deep Cove Shaw Theatre. 4360 Gallant Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7G 1L2. Phone: 604-929-3200.

North Vancouver Community Players. 815 E. 11th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2J2. Phone: 604-983-2633.

Presentation House Theatre. 333 Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G9. Phone: 604-990-3473; Fax: 604-990-3479. E-mail

The Vancouver Dixieland Jazz Society. 3205 Hoskins Road, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3B5. Phone: 604-987-6544; Toll-free: 1-866-796-9934; Fax: 604-987-6544.

Scenic Sites

Grouse Mountain. 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4K9. Phone: 604-980-9311; Snow Phone: 604-986-6262; Fax: 604-984-6360. E-mail
15 minute drive from downtown Vancouver, located in the district of North Vancouver

Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park. 3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1. Phone: 604-985-7474.

Vancouver's oldest visitor attraction. Originally built in 1889, today's bridge is the 4th bridge at this location. At 450 feet (140 meters) across and 230 feet (70meters) above Capilano River, the bridge is one of the highest and longest suspension footbridges in the world. Capilano Canyon is located 10 minutes north from downtown Vancouver through Stanley Park over Lions Gate Bridge. Features a "Story Centre", displays of authentic totem poles collected since the 1930's, Capilano Trading Post, an interactive display called "The Living Forest", nature walks and nearby restaurants.

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