Glacier National Park

Going-to-the-Sun Road

A 50-mile (80km) paved drive that traverses the middle of the park stretching and winding its way from West Glacier to St. Mary Lake. Following the route west to east, you briefly follow the eastern shore of Lake McDonald and, for a long stretch, pass through a rain forest. The road then begins to hasten its climb, at times seeming to barely cling to the sides of cliffs, then makes a tight switchback at a place called "The Loop" and soon arrives at Logan Pass, elevation 6,646 feet (2,026 meters). Notable among the many spectacular views, are the deep narrow valleys far below, the several "hanging valleys" above, and the Weeping Wall, so named for the icy rivulets sometimes dripping and sometimes cascading down it's side. From Logan Pass, the road descends into the east side of the park in a more gentle fashion to the shores of St. Mary Lake.

View of St. Mary Lake as seen from Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Road Conditions: Drive the complete route between spring snow-melt in June and new snows in October. Get current road reports from the Apgar Visitor Center near Lake McDonald.

Two sections of the Going-to-the-Sun road are open in winter. One is the 10-mile (16 km) section between West Glacier and the head of Lake McDonald. The other is the 6-mile (10 km) section from St. Mary to Rising Sun.

Vehicle Size Restrictions:

Logan Pass and Logan Pass Visitor Center

Mountain Goats in Parking Lot

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