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Communities Within the Blackfeet Reservation
Cut Bank
East Glacier Park
St. Mary

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The relief map of Northwest Montana will help you locate geographical features such as rivers and mountains.

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Northwest Montana

Blackfeet Indian Reservation

The Blackfeet Reservation is located in Northwest Montana, just east of Glacier National Park. The 1.5-million acre reservation includes most of Glacier County and is home to about 7,500 members of the Blackfeet Nation, or about half of the total enrollment of some 14,700 members. Those living away from the reservation live mostly in the Pacific Northwest but some are as far away as Europe.

The town of Browning is the hub of the reservation and the home of several tribal offices and businesses. Other communities include Babb, East Glacier Park and St. Mary. The traveler will find a number of motels, hotels, campgrounds and restaurants on the reservation along with plentiful recreational opportunities there and within the nearby Glacier National Park.

For more on the reservation and the Blackfeet Nation, please see the official web site of the Blackfeet Nation, which is listed below. The site offers a comprehensive view of the people, their history and their land.

Featured Places and Web Sites

Blackfeet Nation. PO Box 850, Browning, MT 59417. Phone: 406-338-7521, or, 406-338-7522.

This official site of the Blackfeet Nation offers information about the Great Blackfeet Nation of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in northern Montana. Browse the site for information regarding the rich culture and colorful history of the Pikuni people. Learn more about Blackfeet tribal government and visit some of the tribal departments and programs featured on the site. You also can read Chairman Old Chief's Vision Statement and look at current job listings with the nation

Jack Gladstone
Blackfeet Indian, singer, songwriter, lecturer and story teller. Jack Gladstone grew up immersed in the rich oral tradition of the American West. His great, great grandfather Red Crow, legendary chief of the Blood Tribe, was a great warrior and orator. Another grandfather was William Gladstone, a carpenter who helped build Montana's Fort Benton and Alberta's Fort Whoop Up.

James Willard Schultz Papers 1867 - 1969
James Willard Schultz (1859-1947) lived in and wrote about the portion of Northwest Montana now included within the Blackfeet Reservation and Glacier National Park. In 1877, at the age of 18, he traveled from his birthplace in Boonville, New York to Fort Benton, Montana Territory. He became interested in American Indians and lived with the Blackfeet Indians for many years. Drawing upon his experiences on the western frontier he later wrote books and articles to make his living as an author. His success was notable in his own time, and many of his books remain in print.

Local Communities Within The Blackfeet Reservation



Cut Bank

Cut Bank Chamber of Commerce

KSEN Radio

East Glacier

St. Mary

Mountain Chief Trading Post.
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